Our People

Dean Ison
Managing Director

“There’s a lot that can be said about spending the last seventeen years in the telecommunications industry – and some of it good! The last ten years working within a major network specifically taught me how to do a lot of things well but, most importantly, how the big telecoms companies are getting it really wrong in terms of how they communicate with their customers and their staff. When I formed Max Telecom, the single most important factor was that whatever we did – the customer would always come first; genuinely. It’s very easy for companies to say this, but we set out to actually do it for real and still, to this day, our customers are absolutely and singularly the most important part of our business.

We’re very lucky to have grown into one of the major providers in the UK but, for example, I still absolutely insist that every call to our customer service team is answered immediately by a real person. Why on earth wouldn’t a business want to speak to its customers? You’ll never find automated ‘press 1 for this’ ‘press 2 to sit in a queue’ ‘press 3 to lose the will to live’ with Max – we’ll always answer your call or reply to your email straight away; it’s just good manners.

I also realised from the outset that, ok, it’s great to answer the phone – but our staff have really got to know what they’re talking about, to really understand the market, the industry – and to be able to answer every customer question quickly and accurately. I’d seen major telecoms companies outsource inbound enquiries to faceless ‘call handlers’ and remote call centres – meaning customers bounced all around the place before they eventually (sometimes) got the answer they were looking for. From myself, the rest of the board and through to every single member of staff in every single department of Max Telecom – everyone knows what they are talking about. Just last year we launched the incredibly successful Corporate Direct service – an absolute first in the industry. If you are a corporate customer at Max Telecom, you actually get your own dedicated customer service telephone number, answered directly by someone you know and, most importantly, knows your business.

Achieving this unrivalled level of customer service has been extremely tough whilst maintaining a competitive advantage and delivering good value for money to our customers – but we’ve managed it. I’m extremely proud of the staff who have made Max Telecom the company we are – and grateful to all our customers who have made us the success story we are today.

Thank you for spending some time looking through our website. If there are any parts of the site or in fact any area of the business you feel we could do better – drop me an email.( dean_office@max-telecom.co.uk ) Like every department here at Max; I’ll be delighted to hear from you – and I’ll come back to you straight away.”

“Time after time our customers tell us that it’s great to actually be able to get hold of a real person at a telecoms company whenever they need to. The 24/7/365 customer service guarantee here at Max means that it sometimes gets extremely busy to say the least – but it’s really satisfying to hear our customers tell my team how well they feel looked after”

Tony Harrison
Customer Care Supervisor
“Seeing the inbound number division of the Max business grow so spectacularly over the last couple of years has been fantastic! The sheer volume and variety of services we can now offer means that, whilst it keeps me extremely busy – there’s never a dull moment!”

Andy Clarke
Inbound Specialist

“Having worked at a number of telecoms companies, I can honestly say I’ve found the one where I want to stay. I feel very lucky to be in a position where it’s a joy to come to work in a morning. The people and the ethics here are just fantastic.”

Felicity Walker
Accounts Manager

“I’ve always enjoyed the ‘face to face’ aspect of external account management and sales, but knowing the back office team will look after the customers like noone else is a real bonus… Makes my job a lot easier!”