Net neutrality is a rule against censorship and manipulation. The vote to repeal it would do real da [more]

Mitch Fifield concedes there are issues to work through in early rollout period of any NBN technolog [more]

I’m entitled to my money back, but neither the regulator nor BT seem to know the rulesI have recentl [more]

10 men face sentencing after gang broke into 17 Three mobile stores across north and east LondonA mo [more]

From May, UK providers only allowed to advertise average speed of service rather than rarely achieve [more]


Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2016 second quarter ended March 26. The compa [more]

When Trim Editing started creating music videos over a decade ago, just paying the rent was a huge a [more]

Apple today introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which at just under one pound features a new pro Retin [more]

Apple today introduced iPhone SE, the most powerful phone with a 4-inch display, in a compact alumin [more]

Apple today announced CareKit, a new software framework designed to help developers enable people to [more]


AI helps write Harry Potter fanfiction and other newsBBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories. [more]

What do you know about net neutrality?The FCC is expected to vote to overturn Obama-era laws relating to net neutrality. We asked people i [more]

What is net neutrality and how could it affect you?An Obama-era law that protects "net neutrality" is repealed by a US regulator, so what doe [more]

Paternoster: The rare lift that went over the topAs one of the last examples of a unique lift closes in Leicester, is it hasta la vista Paternoster? [more]

Origami robot muscles lift 1,000 times its own weightThe artificial muscles can be programmed with a range of motions including twisting and rotation. [more]

The apps helping keep Rio safeHow data is being used to help monitor crime in Rio de Janeiro. [more]

Drone smugglers caught on cameraThe Ministry of Justice has released footage of a gang caught using a drone to deliver contraband to [more]

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