Pennine and Focus Group blame each other after hundreds of premium rate overseas calls were billed t [more]

Fair Telecoms Campaign says councils should follow National Lottery operator in ditching numbers tha [more]

Prime minister blames retailers for not buying enough NBN capacity to deliver promised service speed [more]

In a direct challenge to Apple, Google’s new high-end smartphones have 64GB of storage, front-facing [more]

An address mix-up meant one customer almost had their landline cut off – and it could easily happen [more]


Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2016 second quarter ended March 26. The compa [more]

When Trim Editing started creating music videos over a decade ago, just paying the rent was a huge a [more]

Apple today introduced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which at just under one pound features a new pro Retin [more]

Apple today introduced iPhone SE, the most powerful phone with a 4-inch display, in a compact alumin [more]

Apple today announced CareKit, a new software framework designed to help developers enable people to [more]


Fukushima disaster: The robots going where no human canClick was given rare access to the Fukushima site to see how the decontamination work was progressin [more]

'Revolutionary' car seat with inbuilt airbag launchedThe airbag uses compressed air to cushion a child's neck from the impact of a crash. [more]

Drones used to spot sharks in AustraliaDrones become the latest weapon to protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks. [more]

Krack wi-fi security flaw explainedA major flaw in wi-fi connections has been revealed by security researchers. [more]

How a girl who cannot speak got a unique voiceNew digital technology allows people without a voice to sound like themselves for the first time. [more]

40 years since the launch of the Atari 260040 Years ago, video games changed forever with the launch of the Atari 2600. [more]

Stamp out sickening distribution of images, says Durham police chiefInternet companies need to do more to "stamp out sickening distribution of images and live stre [more]

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